Monday, 28 March 2016

Stanley Black - Cuban Moonlight/Tropical Moonlight

Stanley Black (1913-2002), born Solomon Schwartz in Whitechapel, London, has been one of my favourite easy listening bandleaders for the past few years since discovering the likes of 'Exotic Percusssion' on some of the classic easy listening/exotica blogs that have come and gone.

 I found Tropical Moonlight (1957) in a charity shop for about 50p (the early 70s Decca Eclipse reissue above) in 2005, and it's been a firm favourite ever since - just a slick, stripped back percussion ensemble and Stanley on classy, languid piano.  Fourteen tracks, well-chosen repertoire, half an hour of pure escapism.  On this CD that I got hold of last year (picture at top), Tropical Moonlight is preceded by the not-quite-as-good album Cuban Moonlight (1959), but I thought I'd just upload the full twofer CD for completeness.

Cuban/Tropical Moonlight

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