Friday, 25 March 2016

Krzysztof Penderecki ‎– Utrenja (1970-71, rec. 1972)

So, it's Easter weekend.  What to do... wish my readers/listeners a restful, reflective, spiritually restorative weekend?

Or... (you can probably guess where this is going)...

How about wishing everyone a nightmarish, hair-raising, bloodcurdling Easter weekend, courtesy of an hour-and-a-quarter of some of the most extreme liturgical music ever conceived?

This wonderful two-part holy racket came forth from the genius of Krzysztof Pendercki in 1970 (Entombment of Christ, the first part) and 1971 (The Resurrection, the second part), inspired by Eastern Orthodox rites.  Utrenia, Utrenya, or Jutrznia are all alternate spellings (I couldn't find the distinction between each, from admittedly brief research - any ideas?) of the most common title Utrenja.  The full two-part work's premiere recording under Andrzej Markowski in 1972, reissued here, still arguably has an edge over the Naxos recording (Antoni Wit, 2009).  So, whether the second half of Utrenja does bring to your mind images of Christ's resurrection, or just images of Shelley Duvall running about in a dressing gown brandishing a kitchen knife, download and be richly blessed.



  1. Great variety and taste. Things that i've bypassed when released (most hard to find here in Argentina) Thanks man, you're a comet.

  2. a shitty a convo that isn't worth explaining J. Zorn remarked that penderecki is a "one trick pony" you know, share my revulsion (not of pendercki)...thanks for this post!