Friday, 4 March 2016

Pyrolator - Inland (1979)

Kurt Dahlke, member of Der Plan and early member of D.A.F., and sometime collaborator with a great many others, has released a handful of great electronic records under his solo monkier Pyrolator.  This is his debut from 1979.

As far as post-punk minimal electronics go, Inland is an absolute classic that deserves to be much better known.  It might also be described as part of the early industrial canon, if it were a bit more lo-fi. Dahlke's command of synth texture and programming holds its own with Chris Carter's best work in Throbbing Gristle, and in fact, Inland might be exactly what 'The Space Between' collection of Carter's demos could've been had it been buffed and shined up into a fully-fledged solo album.  Elsewhere, the numbered title tracks nudge into Maurizio Bianchi territory in their sonic assault, albeit nowhere near as rough and decayed.  In fact, this album really just sounds great - grab it.

It always rains in Wuppertal


  1. Not sure what to expect. I have one DAF album and enjoyed it, though I don't recall the personnel. I look forward to hearing this. Many thanks!


  2. was just reading about him.....he did stuff with linda sharrock and schnitzler among others!

    1. There's a really cruddy copy of the Sharrock collaboration ("Every 2nd") going for peanuts on discogs - the album's meant to be a bit of a turkey too from what I've read, but that just makes me more curious about it! If I ever get round to buying it, you can be sure it'll make an appearance here regardless.