Monday, 29 February 2016

The Plimsouls - Everywhere At Once (1983)

A nice little curveball - for this blog at least.  Call it new wave, powerpop, or vaguely align it with early Paisley Underground (you can probably tell I'm no expert here, given my usual posts), this is just a cracker of an album that was too good not to share.  The Plimsouls were from LA, and had a brief existence between 78 and 83, after which they've sporadically reunited.

These guys came to my attention via the debut starring vehicle of the greatest actor of all time - their appearance as the band playing Hollywood's hottest rock club (see above) put them in the public consciousness and led to a major-label album release on Geffen, presented here for your delectation.

The whole album is peppered with great tracks that are infectious in their energy - none more so than the track that originally opened Side 2, How Long Will It Take; that one, plus the title track (also featured in the movie) are my absolute favourites.

Thunder struck a chord up in the sky; lightning flashed, I looked you right in the eye

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