Wednesday, 3 February 2016

Edward Vesala - Satu (1977)

Vesala's follow-up to Nan Madol might only have one lengthy (14 minute) track this time, with all its other tracks being in the 6-7 minute ballpark, but Satu is no less bracing or engrossing an album.  This one is also a bit harder-edged than its predecessor, cranking up the volume courtesy of ECM stalwart Terje Rypdal, whose lightning streaks of Fender Strat make Star Flight particularly memorable.  My personal favourite jazz trumpeter Tomasz Stanko is on fine form as well, building on the chemistry he'd already worked up with Vesala on Stanko's albums Balladyna  and Twet, which are both essential.  Will post some Stanko in a wee while.


P.S. couldn't resist posting this picture of Vesala looking like a total boss.