Monday, 22 February 2016

Klaus Krüger - Zwischenmischung (1981)

I used to listen to this one constantly about six years ago; glad I was able to find a saved copy in my files as I really wanted to post it here - and rediscover it myself!  I could've sworn I originally downloaded this album from The Growing Bin, but it didn't show up anywhere in their posting history when I checked.

Klaus Krüger (aka Krieger) is probably best known for his brief stint in Tangerine Dream, playing on Cylclone and Force Majeure.  After leaving TD, and playing with Iggy Pop for a short while, Krüger released a his first solo single and album.  This material vaguely aligned with early NDW but with distinctive quirks, and then in 1982 Kruger released (IMO the far superior) Zwischenmischung.

There's clear NDW influences here, not least in sheer brevity - these eight tracks of minimal synth zip along in just under half an hour, although this wasn't one of several albums on Klaus Schulze's IC label that were cut at 45rpm, missing the boat for that experiment by a few months.  The latter four tracks are much longer than the opening four, in a way that reminds me of Conrad Schnitzler's Contempora.  Manuel Göttsching (Ashra(Tempel)) is probably the biggest name on the album, but keeps a relatively low profile - wonder if that's him playing reggae rhythm guitar on the track 'Deutschland'?



  1. Thanks a lot for posting. Is there any way you would re-up it the album with better audio quality such as lossless format ? Can't find it anywhere.

    Keep up the good work!

    1. Afraid I only have this one in mp3, sorry. I believe there was a CD compilation released at some point that contained both Kruger's solo albums - if I ever come across it I'll give you a shout.