Monday, 17 April 2017

Tangerine Dream - Encore (1977)

Been rediscovering Tangerine Dream lately, so here's the first of a couple of live albums that number among my favourites (Logos coming up next week).  Forty years ago this month, Froese, Franke and Baumann were touring the US recording the material that would be used for Encore, with their great washes of mellotron and rhythmic sequencer work at its height on these four side-long tracks.

Coldwater Canyon is possibly the best of the best for me here, especially with Froese letting rip on lead guitar, and the mellow, meditative finale of Desert Dream is a classic too for highlighting the more atmospheric side of TD, with only a short sequencer section at the very end.

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  1. I remember picking this up at the record store when it was new. Lovely memory. Thanks.

  2. Great album, I believe that 'Ricohet' is better. This period of TD is the best considering they were at the forefront of the new digital evolution in music. Thankyou for refocusing the uninitiated to this GREAT band. Sit back, a few puffs if that is your way, and chill to the best electronic symphonies on earth.

    1. Good call for Ricochet, which was my first introduction to Froese's guitar playing. That one should've been a double-album too - think I often go for Encore as there's just more of it to love!

  3. TD is def one of the best. glad to hear you're rediscovering them, excited to see what that means for upcoming blog posts. :D