Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Moebius - Tonspuren (1983)

In a career full of interesting collaborative records, which seems to have been his preferred modus operandi, Moebius still found the time to fit in some solo albums proper.  This one, his first, sits between two great collaborations already posted here, Zero Set and Double Cut (all links below).

In the post-Curiosum break, Roedelius and Moebius both seemed to retain a little of each other's influence - if Offene Türen sounds a bit like 'Roedelius does Moebius', Tonspuren definitely has its moments of 'Moebius does Roedelius'.  This is most notable in the melodic/harmonic content of the first three tracks, not to mention the waltz-time of Hasenheide, but the chugging drum machine tracks and slightly ill-sounding synths are pure Moebius.

The second half of Tonspuren shows the clearest links to the aforementioned albums that came before and after it.  Furbo, and especially Nervos, look back to Zero Set with their use of garbled voice; what's missing of course is the loose Neumeier funkiness.  B36 and Sinister are indications of what was to come with Double Cut and its static, narcotic pulse, but nowhere near as minimalist.  All in all, it's hard to pick a favourite on Tonspuren amongst such a consistently great little set of tracks.  Compare it against Curiosum and Offene Türen; somewhere between those three records lies the perfect early 80s Cluster album.

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  1. I'd say it sits more between Strange Music and Double Cut, with Zero Set sitting at a bit of an outside angle from the overall trajectory.

  2. Could it be possible to upload Blotch by Moebius?

    1. don't have it at the moment, but probably will at some point