Friday, 17 March 2017

Yoshihiro Kanno - The Four Seasons In Resonance (1983)

Picked this up for cheap recently when reading about the Japanese audiophile label Denon (who also made hi-fi equipment, and blank tapes that I remember owning).  By 1983 when this release came out on vinyl and CD, they were already old hands at digital recording - so needless to say it sounds great, and the music itself is charming, impressionistic and highly listenable in its variety of sounds.

Yoshihiro Kanno was born in Tokyo in 1953, and has composed film soundtracks as well as a neat body of standalone work.  Out of the latter, this suite for percussion is conspicuous in its absence from the lists of works/releases on Kanno's official website, but it definitely deserves attention. 

Starting with a softly twinkling track for December, followed by the even more entrancing gossamer shimmer of January: Silver Storm Illusion, these Four Seasons (nothing to do with Vivaldi) go through several different percussive shadings courtesy of the Tomoyuki Okada Percussion Ensemble.  Arrangements are mostly subtle but cook up a storm when necessary, most notably in September: Typhoon Sphere.  And don't miss the imitation frog noises on May: Dream of the Frog in the Well!

The Four Seasons In Resonance
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