Monday, 20 March 2017

Dieter Moebius / Asmus Tietchens - Moebius + Tietchens (2012)

 According to Liliental lore, Dieter Moebius suggested a future duo collaboration to Asmus Tietchens as that six-day supergroup went their separate ways.  Only took them 35 years to get round to doing it.

Recorded in 2011 and released the following year, Moebius + Tietchens is the wonderful combination of two unique pioneers in electronica simply plugging in and coming up with something fresh and bang up to date.  Sounding like it's emenating from the laptop of a circuit-bending envelope pusher half their age, the warped electronics of Moebius + Tietchens sometimes result in the formless, industrial ambience of Vincent, Fontenay, Windkanal, sometimes in the grinding rhythms of Thorax, Yes Yes and Grimm, and are always engaging without any filler.

Highlights for me are the two longest tracks, Kattrepel and Lange Reihe, each subjecting a seemingly static idea to around ten minutes of infinite tweaks to ensure the track never gets boring.  Essential stuff from two masters in their field.

Mach Auf!
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  1. any chance you ave Asmus Tietchens-Biotop? would really appreciate-
    thank you-

    1. I do indeed! Will post it on Monday.