Monday, 23 January 2017

Can - Monster Movie (1969)

R.I.P. Jaki Liebezeit, 26 May 1938 – 22 January 2017

Just like last year, all the great legends continue to leave us... I suppose 78 is a good age to get to; even so, this is a sad day for losing one of the greatest drummers of all time, who by all accounts was still active and even planning to work with Malcolm Mooney and Holger Czukay again, I read today.  Both of them first appeared on record with Liebezeit on this groundbreaking record.  

I was  16/17, and had been listening to The Velvet Underground, starting to get into Kraftwerk, Faust and Can... but the opening minutes of this album were like the Velvets upside down and inside out, and sounded like nothing else on earth.  And then there was the first side-long Can epic hypnotic ritual - if you haven't heard Yoo Doo Right, you're in for something special. Download now!

Monster Movie Made In A Castle With Better Equipment

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  1. Hi Alan.
    I was also 16/17 when I discovered Krautrock. My road took me from a.o. Faust, Tangerine Dream, Gila, Mythos and 'der Klaus' to Can. This one was the first Can I heard and is still my favourite. A truly great record! And one of my favourite drummers, sadly no more among us!
    Do you know his work in Club off chaos? If you do: I am interested!

    1. Still need to investigate Club Off Chaos, must get round to that soon!

  2. Replies
    1. never really thought about it before, quite a fitting image for the unique heavy music though! Petrus Wandrey seemed to have had a thing for imposing cyborg iconography, just read his wiki page after checking who did the cover.

  3. Actually, I discovered the cover many years after the music.. At the time, a canadian kid with a milk mustache hitching around Germany, I got aquainted with a Köln native who gave me at beat-up BASF tape: on side One, "Larks Tongues in Aspic", on side Two, "Monster Movie". The first one is so you don't feel lost (I was a Floyd head), the second is to grow with, he said. Back then you only had a handful cassettes, you bonded intensely with them. After all the years, the tape long lost, I still haven't reached the bottom of the can. It keeps on giving. It's still growin' on me. That generation of musicians was truly unique.
    Thanks for the blog.