Friday, 20 January 2017

Bill Evans Trio - Waltz For Debby (rec. 1961, rel. 1962)

I'm not necessarily going to make "jazz piano Friday" a regular feature of this blog - far too many sonic extremities still to come for that!  But for now, for the second Friday in a row, here's one of the greatest piano trios of all time in a career-best, that would come to a tragic end only days after recording.

Scott LaFaro's death in a car accident at just 25 robbed the jazz world of one of its most promising young bass players, and this album was the second live album to be drawn from these final recordings of the trio, after the more simply descriptive Sunday At The Village Vanguard (released five months previous).  Waltz For Debby has the slight edge for me - not least because of the title track, one of Evans' most beautiful original tunes ever, named for his niece.

Waltz For Debby


  1. Tops pick! Anything with this trio is heaven-sent jazz. This is a milestone and classic in the Bill Evans catalog but then I also admire his "Fender Rhodes" electric piano album From Left to Right so I am no jazz puritan. Any case thanks for sharing!

    1. Good call, time I gave 'electric Bill' a fresh listen.

  2. Can you please re-upload this? :')