Friday, 10 June 2016

Pandit Pran Nath - Ragas (1971)

Listened to this back-to-back with the Glass/Schleiermacher album (see previous post) the other day for maximum mindwarp whilst walking home in the sunshine, so made sense to close out the week by posting these two spellbinding ragas.

Pran Nath's life story is fascinating, and I highly recommend reading up - for starters, here's a short wiki article and a fascinating albeit lengthy essay.  But all I'm going to do today is share the music - an eternal twin-tambura drone (one of the players being uber-minimalist La Monte Young) reverberating through every cell in your body from the first second, and that voice... that voice.  Whether pouring down like honey around the exacting, complex notes and modes proscribed to each raga, or rising in ecstatic spiritual release towards the end of each piece, this is a voice I could listen to forever.

Nada Brahmam


  1. Thanks for these two gems. There is something about them that go well with the 90+ degree heat here.
    -eddy johns

  2. Sounds interesting. Your previous post i.e. the Glass works pieces was hit in my ipod! Fantastically trance inducing aural gem!

  3. Thank you! Driving into the sun here we come!

  4. This can make for a great afternoon for anyone who finds themselves in Manhattan. Admission for free, and you are likely to have the place to yourself. It makes the aural illusions of say, Xenakis' "L'legende d'ear" come alive!