Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Conrad Schnitzler - Grün (rec. 1976/80, rel. 1981)

One more Schnitzler album for the moment.  This is my pick of the 'colours' albums - Rot and Blau were self-released in the mid-70s as his first two proper albums, featuring side-long raw electronic improvisations, then the archival compilations Gelb (rec.'74) and Grün (rec.'76/80) came out in the early 80s on a small art gallery imprint.

Just two tracks on Grün - first up is Der Riese Und Seine Frau (The Giant And His Wife).  Recorded in 1976, this 32-minute epic hinges on just two simple ingredients - a harsh, sometimes ridiculously over-distorted drum machine, and layers of soft, shimmering melodic synth.  Fading in and out with minimal change or development, it becomes like a half-hour eavesdrop on a dialogue between the title characters.  If this catches me in just the right mood, it can have an oddly emotional pull for such a monotonous, mechanistic piece. 

Recorded four years later, Bis die Blaue Blume blüht has a lighter touch and brisker pace (the LP even suggested the additional option of playing it at 45rpm - the CD has both speeds), and makes the most out of a seven note melody to hypnotic effect.  Not sure where a title like 'Until the blue flower blooms' fits in though (perhaps just a nice bit of aliteration in the original German) - if anything, it sounds more like Mr & Mrs Giant stepping outside after dark to watch a comet or a meteor shower.



  1. love your description - excited to listen! thanks!

  2. Blau is well worth checking out too, the track "Jupiter" especially. Schnitzler is the shiznit! Thanks again