Monday, 24 September 2018

Luigi Nono - Como Una Ola De Fuerza Y Luz, etc (1988 compi, rec. 1970-79)

An essential collection of three works by Italian firebrand Luigi Nono (1924-90), from DG's 20th Century Classics series.  All three had appeared previously on the label on LPs, the earliest being a 1970 release on their legendary Avant-Garde imprint for Contrappunto Dialettico Alla Mente (1968), a purely magnetic tape stew of voices reading a poem about the death of Dr King that year, an anti-Vietnam War flyer and other things.  This haunting soundscape also appears, in a different mix, on the collection of Nono's complete tape works that I posted early on in this blog.

At the start of this CD is the half-hour work for orchestra, soprano, piano and tape that Nono completed in 1972 and was released in 1974, Como Una Ola De Fuerza Y Luz (Like a wave of strength and light).  In seven sections, it pays tribute to a Chilean revolutionary, Lusiano Cruz (died 1971 in unexplained circumstances).  The increasing sophistication with which Nono could blend live instrumentation with tape production is very much in evidence here, and is endlessly listenable and thought-provoking.  The latest work is .....Sofferte Onde Serene..... (1976), putting a further spotlight on the great Maurizio Pollini as he expertly picks his way through Nono's piano-cluster variations, meant to evoke melancholy memories of the composer's home life and deceased family members in Venice.

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  1. If I may depart from the music briefly - those Holger Matthies Deutsche Grammphon covers (both CDs and older LPs) were ungodly great. Check out his website sometime. It's in German, but the artwork is universal.

    1. Grammaphon, damn it.

    2. In another, more wonderful universe, "Stockhausen Festival Of Hits" did indeed refer to chart success:

    3. Stockhausen and I were friends for a very long time. I never thought to ask him what he thought of Matthies' cover art for this album. I think I can safely say that he would have fought with DG at the time against releasing a sampler of his music that contained only sections of longer works. ^v^