Friday, 13 July 2018

Sensations' Fix - Fragments Of Light (1974)

Great cult album of floaty and burbly synths galore, recorded - depending upon which sources are correct - either by Italian musician/producer Franco Falsini alone during a short period in Virginia, or as the first album proper by Falsini and new Sensations' Fix bandmates after he returned to Italy.  Yep, even researching this album was weird.  Odder still are the Amazon/iTunes downloads of the handful of Sensations' Fix albums available, with atrocious remixing and track shortening, even cack-handed overdubbing.  I've therefore had my eye on this long-deleted Polydor CD for a while, and finally got one that wasn't going for silly money.

Whether recorded by Falsini alone or not, Fragments Of Light is a gorgeous little oddity of 11 short tracks based around guitar and Eminent and Minimoog synths, all instrumental bar two tracks.  To deal with those two first, Space Energy Age is a cute little piece of space-pop with an early drum machine, and Do You Love Me sounds oddly out place, with a more tuneless vocal and what does seem like a full band (could still be Falsini overdubbing everything, dunno).

The rest of the album is a quite lovely trip through accessible, melodic electronics, basic rhythm guitar and little bits of psych-influenced lead guitar.  Squint a little and it could occasionally be Heldon without the darkness, or a more succinct, clear-eyed Cosmic Jokers session. Falsini was a definite Fripp fan too, with the LP including the message "Dear Robert, you'll be glad to know that the heavenly music organisation has branches here too".  Brilliant, evocative track titles abound - my absolute favourite is Music Is Painting In The Air, with its basic four chords and an echoey lead guitar over a floating bed of synth clouds.  Space Closure is the longest and most prog-like at 6 minutes, and Telepathic Children the perfect kosmiche closer.  Highly recommended.


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  1. Thanks a bunch - I only had the recent compilation on RVNG - so it's nice to hear an actual album as intended. I was a sucker and bought the sensations fix t-shirt at the time too! - oh gawd what have I become?