Friday, 29 September 2017

Nurse With Wound - The Surveillance Lounge (2009)

Jumping forward 28 years from last week's chaotic snapshot of young NWW at its most unfocused, we arrive at the laser-precision night terror that is The Surveillance Lounge.  Almost a distillation of all of Stapleton's greatest devices of creeping unease - disembodied voices, sinister drones, crackly record surface noise and other sounds best left unidentified - everything that made the likes of Homotopy To Marie, Colder Still from Thunder Perfect Mind and Salt Marie Celeste so memorable are deftly woven into what can only be described as quintessential Nurse With Wound.

This hour-plus modern masterpiece was divided into four tracks of roughly equal length, but sustains the same sepia-tinged house of horrors atmosphere throughout, so may as well be regarded as one long work in four movements.  It's not all formless, fearful drone though, with diversions aplenty: the fast section of The Golden Age Of Telekenesis, with its deranged horse-racing commentator (or bingo caller?) and immediate aftermath is a memorable highlight that reassures the listener that this isn't an album devoid of Stapleton's playful, absurdist sense of humour.

Other noisy onslaughts arrive at various odd moments, making The Surveillance Lounge recommendable as a headphones-in-dark-room experience only if you're game for the occasional jump-scare.  A gentle easy-listening sample offers only brief respite most times it appears, before the album blindfolds you and spins you around once more.  Don't miss the ultimate in dramatic sonic extremes which has been saved for last - Yon Assassin Is My Equal truly is a NWW classic.  The aforementioned lounge-music sample is developed a little more around the halfway mark to give a little oasis of calm after noisy chaos, before more creepy voices and ambient whirring takes us to the end.


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  1. Amazing, thank you very much!

    Do you plan upload more albums from Nurse With Wound?

    1. oh hell yeah.

      still in a very-early-NWW kind of mood so might go for one of the first three albums soonish.

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    1. Afraid I don't have that one, sorry, but I'm sure it's out there somewhere