Friday, 11 August 2017

Keith Jarrett - Concerts: Bregenz/München (rec. '81, rel. '82; full CD reiss 2013)

Having concentrated on trio concerts up until now, it's high time I posted some solo Keith Jarrett - winging it by the seat of his pants, grunting and groaning aplenty (to a tolerable level in these '81 shows) on his way to absolute transcendence.  Two concerts, a few days apart - one from Bregenz where Jarrett hits his groove early on, then mellows out before an exploratory section, and a twice-as-long one from Munich that takes us on a more epic journey.

In both cases, Jarrett seems determined to extract every possible drop of sound from the piano, getting in some serious percussive thumps and string plucks towards the end, before restoring calm with the gorgeous encores.  Originally released as a 3LP box in 1982, ECM also provided the option to just buy the single-disc Bregenz concert on its own, which ended up being the only CD version until the whole set was finally reissued four years ago.
original box set cover, 1982 (2013 reissue at top)
Disc 1 mega / Disc 1 zippy
Disc 2 mega / Disc 2 zippy
Disc 3 mega / Disc 3 zippy


  1. Have just spent a very happy 20 mins downloading a bunch of 20th century classical from you. I used to have a very extensive Dumitrescu collection until my hard drive decided to reformat itself, so it was a great pleasure to find you like him, too! Thanks very much for all you've posted. It's guys like you who keep the fires of enthusiasm burning bright.

    Very best wishes


    1. Cheers Mark, glad you like! Will be posting more Dumitrescu in due course.

  2. Got this original LP boxset! Turned up in my local record store for a tenner. Glad to see it up here.