Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Australian Soundscape series - White Water Rafting (1994)

Couldn't resist posting this - it's another charity shop classic.  Parted with my 99p as soon as I saw this CD, as the cover just made me laugh out loud.  Anyone else ever considered white water rafting to be "the ultimate in relaxation"?  The notes on the back cover absolutely sealed the deal, as they made me wonder if the whole exercise had been some sort of knowing pisstake - here they are in full:
"Ah, the excitement as you narrowly miss the threatening rocks around you whilst the racing water below attempts to engulf you at every turn... You are ready to relax - the wondrous sounds of nature await you..."
So how much excitement/relaxation is really to be had on this hour-long recording?  To be perfectly honest, it sounds like an hour of someone recording some birds by the side of a fast-flowing river, and I ended up quite enjoying it on those terms.  Whether someone involved in the CD release just then shoehorned in the whole rafting thing for the tourist market (other releases in the series covered camping, sailing in the Great Barrier Reef and morning in the Outback).... who knows.  As fans of Loon Talk and Frog Talk will be aware, I live for these kind of little oddities whenever they present themselves.  Oh, and in the inside cover was a list of musical releases by a related label - if I ever manage to get my hands on 'Yodelling Down Under' - you lucky, lucky people....



  1. I see your loon and frong talks and raise you a Jungle Talk:

    Featuring the exotic sounds of... turkeys?!?

    1. Magnificent. Love how the sleevenote has to specify that they're "Tropical turkeys" to fit with the theme!

  2. Yours for only $12

    1. don't tempt me! :)
      kinda heartening to know that label's still going, with their little goldmine of Aussie weirdness. That 'Immoral Classics' CD in their 'Adults Only' section is an absolute prime candidate for 'Mr Weird & Wacky' (bottom of my blogroll).

  3. I'm going out on a long, alpine limb here, but might you be a fan of yodel?
    If so, then have you ever come across a 1993 swiss documentary called UR-Musig? I haven't seen it yet but it looks flippin mighty.
    Only heard one song offit, a field recording via the Rough Guide to Yodel, and it's one of the most heartrendingly beautiful things i've ever heard, irony bedamned.
    It's become a bit of an obsession with me so apologies for the rambling comment.
    I can't imagine you have the soundtrack, so I suppose the real point of this message is to 'release-the-enthuse' (plus you might like the youtube links).

    Anyway, thanks for the many high quality posts.
    Best regards.