Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Tamba 4 - We And The Sea (1968)

For day two of Brazil week, here's the perfect complement to Wave - another of Creed Taylor's A&M productions from the cusp of the CTI era.  If Jobim's masterpiece was a haze of midday heat, the rhythms and melodies of We And The Sea simmer seductively at sunset.

Tamba Trio, later expanded to Tamba 4, centred around pianist Luíz Eça.  Far more than just a jazz pianist or bossanova/ Afro-samba pianist, his stunning style also evoked Gershwin, Debussy and Ravel, and was in fullest flow on the epics that bookend this album. O Morro (The Hill) is a Jobim tune, and leaves the listener breathless from Eça chasing the melody around so effortlessly, even dipping into dissonant modernism but never losing direction across seven exhilarating minutes.

Flautist Bebeto Castilho is the other star here, providing the lead melodic instrument on most of these tracks; he also takes the album's only lead vocal on the languid ballad Moça Flor (Flower Girl).  Other than that, the only vocal tracks on the album are breathy incantations evoking Iemanjá (goddess of the sea) and Ossanha (of storms), performed by the whole group.  Eça adds a dash of organ to the spiritual mystique of Iemanjá, which is probably my favourite track other than the knockout opener.

We And The Sea


  1. Great blog Alan - really! Always enjoy reading your narratives. Impressive.

    A few CD's I've checked out lately u may dig - Corey Christiansen "Factory Girl", Joe LaBarbera Quintet "Native Land". Good stuff.

    1. Thanks Chico, cheers for the tips!

  2. wow, this is gorgeous. I'm always a little skeptical of Creed Taylor productions (though some, of course, are wonderful) and had overlooked this one. I'm loving it now! Just what I need after a long, hot day. Thank you!