Monday, 18 April 2016

Pink Floyd - Soundtrack from the film 'More' (1969)

From being a massive fan in my teens, my window of Pink Floyd tolerance has become ever narrower to settling on the immediate post-Barrett years.  I just find this era most satisfying to listen to - a more innocent, democratic band just finding their way, playing spellbinding live sets and recording great little songs that would all but disappear in another couple of years.

More was an end-of-the-60s, end-of-innocence drug flick - Barbet Schroeder was a long way from Single White Female with this, his directorial debut.  I haven't seen the film but by most accounts it holds up ok for its vintage; and it has this album as its soundtrack, featuring a band at the centre of their 'wilderness' period but sounding fresh, vital and ready to try anything before settling into their high-concept era.

Take for example Green Is The Colour, sounding like a demo dashed off in five minutes, but with an undeniable charm.  This song, and my personal favourite Cymbaline, would end up in the band's live set for the next couple of years in more developed form.  Elsewhere, there's clear links to better-known Floyd material of the period - Main Theme and Dramatic Theme sound like mellower takes on the intro from Let There Be More Light, and the goregous Cirrus Minor a close cousin to Grantchester Meadows.  The Nile Song, though, sounds like nothing else they'd done before or since, and this was the one that blew my socks off when first exposed to it as a 13-year old listening to the Relics compilation.  They really should've done more songs like that; and to be honest, I'd have been happy with ten more albums like this over one Dark Side Of The Moon.

Doctor Strange is always changing size

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