Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Polygon Window - Surfing On Sine Waves (1993)

Aphex Twin is probably the most well known vehicle for Richard D James (out of many over the years), but my favourite record of his is this 1992 recording.  The only full-length release under James' 'Polygon Window' moniker, this came out in early 1993 as the first (non-compilation) album in Warp Records' Artificial Intelligence series.

The album cover is I believe a sepia-toned beach in Cornwall (where Richard grew up), but might as well be from some alien planet when taken in conjunction with the music within.  Surfing On Sine Waves could easily be what you hear after touching down on an advanced civilisation in a far-flung galaxy and asking the inhabitants what passes for commericial dance music on their planet.  After all the twisting and turning beats and warped electronics, the final track is a goregous ambient drift that reveals James' debt to Eno.

something something something 'TECHNO MUSIC' IN ROBOT VOICE


  1. Nice choice. I love Aphex and especially this early stuff when he was more analogue. The whole Artificial Intelligence series was great. I soend ages last year trying to track down the AI 2 compilation and eventually ended up having to find the tracks one at a time and piece the album together....worth it though

  2. whoaaa thanks for this and your excellent posts!!!


  3. I see the sea is not stand it ... great. I wish I could be like you!
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