Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Tiny Tim - Rock (1993)

Although I'm mostly electronically-oriented these days, I can still appreciate great rock music when I hear it.  So here it is folks - the greatest rock n' roll album of all time.

If all you know of Tiny Tim is 'Tiptoe Through The Tulips', you owe it to yourself to download this 5 track, 76-minute monstrosity and turn it up as loud as your ears/walls can withstand.  By way of background, the early 90s saw Herbert Khaury enter his seventh (and final) decade by hooking up with Australian glam rock band His Majesty.  His repertoire was brought as up to date as Bon Jovi and Billy Idol, along with AC/DC (whose original member Colin Burgess is in the drum chair here), and some older classics.

The 15-minute rock n' roll medley might sound like the world's most demented wedding band after downing all the free champagne, but that's tame stuff indeed compared to the two 23-minute epics on this album.  The first of these is Billy Idol's Rebel Yell.  Tiny uses his full vocal range, not just the infamous falsetto, and ad-libs extra lines like 'Fight! Fight! For what is right!' amidst squeezing all possible mileage out of the lyrics.  'Rock' saves the absolute best for last, though, with Barry McGuire's protest-folk chestnut 'Eve of Destruction' transformed into a fully-realised apocalypse, demonic cackles, vocodered backing vocals and all.  Beyond essential.

 My blood's so mad, feels like coagulatin'


  1. Tiny Tim's vocal approach is worth 4½ stars, and I mean that seriously; he smokes Billy Idol (for instance), who was always mediocre at best, an empty sneer with laughable vocals. But the songs are bad, and Tim's approach to the music does nothing to lift them out of their essential badness. So I admire Tiny Tim, but one listen is enough.

    But if you like the songs, sure, I can easily see this album is great.

  2. "as great", I mean, not "is great". Sigh.