Monday, 11 January 2016


R.I.P.  David Bowie - 8 January 1947-10 January 2016

Still hasn't sunk in.

If by any chance you still haven't heard this album, one of the greatest of all time, download it now (then buy it) and turn it up full blast.  If it's been a part of your life for many years, just crank it up.

IIRC this is from the first-pressing RCA CD, probably still the best-sounding, originally shared by the much-missed Zamboni Soundtracks.

Waiting for the gift of sound and vision


  1. still hasnt sunk in for me either. This and Heroes are my 2 fave Bowie albums....i cant separate them, so they both get to be on my all time album top 10. Have you read the book from the 33 1/3 series of mini books on albums about the making of Low?

    1. Haven't read the 33 1/3 - thanks for the tip, that is so getting ordered. Yeah Heroes is totally up there for me as well; sometimes I actually prefer the bleaker earthiness of Heroes' instrumental suite over Low's. Got a lot of time for Lodger too.

    2. ...and Station to Station. I always think it should be included in that 'Berlin Trilogy'. It set the scene.

    3. Could not agree more, that is what I always says to people bring up the "Berlin Trilogy". -Britt

    4. Definitely Station To Station! The title track was the first individual Bowie track that I wanted to listen to this morning, there's nothing on earth like it (which you could say about his whole career too!)

    5. yeah the title track is like 3 songs in one and full of hidden meanings...totally a metaphor for his career