Friday, 8 January 2016

Musique Concret - Bringing Up Baby (1981)

In the same vein as the Florian Fricke post, here's a nice little curio with a link to one of my favourite bands/artists, in this case Nurse With Wound.  Selected works from Steven Stapelton's vast archive will be featured here in due course - but first, here's an ultra-obscure early release that came out on his (and at the time, collaborator John Fothergill's) United Dairies label in 1981.

Making up 'Bringing Up Baby' are six tracks which, other than a minute-long tape loop piece that appeared on a compilation, comprise Musique Concret's entire known recorded work.  The artists responsible appear to have vanished off the face of the earth, if the CD liner notes are anything to go by - the master tape has been long-lost/destroyed (hence the CD comes from a good-quality vinyl rip) and the reissue label would be "highly interested in any communication with [the artists] Jim Friedman and Michael Mullen".

Side One of 'Bringing Up Baby' comprises a suite of four eerie pieces of tape delay and echo with other loops, radio fragments and noises thrown in - the appeal to Stapleton of releasing this would've been obvious.  Things get noisier on Side Two, culminating in a near-industrial finale in the closing minutes.  Huge kudos to Fractal Records for making the effort to get this reissued - hope you hear(d) back from Friedman and/or Mullen at some point.

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