Friday, 29 January 2016

BBC Schools Radio Series Drama Workshop - The Seasons (1969)

This bizarre slice of British educational history came to my attention when it was reissued by Trunk Records, who have a firm niche established in reissuing great little oddball records that would otherwise be lost to history.  I found this CD in my local HMV's classical/specialist section, plonked in the 'spoken word and poetry' rack, and snapped it up in one of those 'okay I'm buying this right now' moments about five seconds after I'd read the description on the back.

They really, really don't make 'em like this any more - correct me if you know any different, but the British Broadcasting Corporation of 2016 sadly no longer appear to commission any music for children to improvise interpretive dance to, let alone base it around creepy, primitive Radiophonic Workshop electronics and equally disturbing declaimed poetry like they did on this 1969 production.  Fun for any neofolk afficionados picking up this album: read the poems in the booklet, and imagine each one being performed by Current 93.  Hilarity will ensue, along the lines of one of those Buzzfeed quizzes like 'Who said it - Morrissey or Alan Partridge?'.

It is night no more; the day is stillborn


  1. ha! this really could be Alan p

  2. I know that's not what you were saying...but i can imagine him in this narrator's position...oh never mind. great share thanks