Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year Resolution 2016:

- To start my own album-sharing blog, after years of enjoying many others that have introduced me to lots of great music.

- To post fairly regularly (two or three posts per week?), focusing on albums that I like and that I'd like to share.  My first thought was that I'd like to post mostly albums that I've read interesting things about, found them near-impossible to find online for download, and so ended up buying them.  Then I realised that I'd probably run out of albums that  fit that definition after about a week, but will share rare-ish stuff whenever possible.

- To only post albums that I've found on other blogs if the original source no longer exists or is no longer active.  Whenever possible, I'll try to credit the original source (even if it's a defunct blog) unless I've completely forgotten.  If I end up coincidentally posting something that's gone up recently on someone else's blog - just means they have great taste!



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