Monday, 25 January 2016

Deustche Wertarbeit (1981)

When preparing this blog, I searched through each of the six micro-SD cards that I've carried in various phones for the last five years.  This album was on every single one of them - firstly as a serviceable rip of the original Sky LP that I got from a blog whose name now escapes me; then as the digital files made available by Medical Records in 2012-ish following their LP reissue; and now on a gorgeous, full-bodied reissue by Bureau B.

Deutsche Wertarbeit, a one-off solo LP by Streetmark keyboardist & vocalist Dorothea Raukes, has become a stone-cold desert island disc for me for so many reasons.  First and foremost because, with the possible exception of the more eerie and ambient closer, it's just pure minimalist melodies and classic sequencer-electronics.  There's scaled-back influences here from the classic 'Berlin School' of the previous decade, but updated to a zippy, early 80s sensibility.  This album has also been described as superior library music, which is fair enough in the context of some releases from around the time, not to mention the functional artwork.

Oh, and if anyone can decipher/translate the vocodered vocal line from the end of Auf Engelsflugeln, you will receive eternal kudos for adding a whole extra dimension to what is possibly my favourite piece of electronic music of all time.

Guten abend leute


  1. Hi, I bought this wonderful album after finding it here first - bought it even twice (!). My all-time favorite stays Lilienthal, but this is as close a second as it gets. So, a big thank you! Peace, Chris