Wednesday, 3 August 2016

P16.D4 - Kühe In 1-2 Trauer (1984)

Mid-80s German post-industrial strangeness involving cows - sound familiar?  Where HNAS favoured absurd surrealism though, P16.D4 (originally known as Permutative Distortion or Progressive Disco, depending on what source you trust) were made of sterner, greyer stuff.
This album, whose title translates as 'cows in half-grief' does start off in a flurry of tape edits similar to HNAS, but from then on is closer in spirit to contemporaries Einstürzende Neubauten.  There's also hints of Throbbing Gristle here - the title track drones along unsettingly like E-Coli from (second TG album) DoA, with a more buried monologue and additional choral samples; and very early, noisy Nurse With Wound (they'd collaborate with Stapleton in due course) on Ekstase Des Sozialismus.  There's also more concretey sounds and a slight early-Kraftwerkiness on the track with possibly the longest title I've ever seen: "He's Afraid Of The Way The Glass Will Fall - Soon - It Will Be A Spectacle: The Fall Of A Crystal Palace. But Coming Down In Total Blackout, Without One Glint Of Light, Only Great Invisible Crashing".  But enough with the comparisons, just enjoy this great record.


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