Monday, 8 August 2016

NorthSound Audio - Loon Talk (1990)

Enjoyed posting the Dawn & Dusk Environments album, and still enjoying listening to it (hope you are too!), so here's a post of the other birdsong disc that I currently have.  The common loon is basically Jan Garbarek in avaian form, with haunting keening, piping sounds being its core repertoire - and it has quite a sophisticated vocabulary, according to the informative sleevenote.  Multipurpose tremoloes, territorial yodels, quiet location hoots and night choruses of wailing - this early 90s recording from the Canadian wilderness has all the hits.

Similar to the Dawn & Dusk album, Loon Talk has two different recordings, each just under half an hour.  I'd say I give the first track more regular rotation - the second is a bit on the 'busy' side; but both are well-recorded and perfectly evocative of this ECM-worthy creature in its natural habitat.

Gavia immer


  1. The Common Loon has more wit, soul, and sensitivity than Garbarek.

    1. Yeowch! To be honest, from mid-70s onwards you won't get much disagreement from me there...