Monday, 29 August 2016

Moebius & Renziehausen - Ersatz (1990)

Ersatz could be seen as a logical follow-up to Double Cut.  Moebius once again chose to work on a spontaneous, no-frills recording with a friend who was better known as a visual artist, and after a follow-up album recorded no other known music - in this case, his name was Karl Renziehausen.

Not quite as minimal an album as Double Cut, the turn-of-the-90s sound palatte on Ersatz is also quirkier and more detailed.  Renzuiehausen was apparently something of a computer whiz, which was probably brought to bear in the instrumentation.  It's definitely more synthetic, even plasticky; in lesser hands this album might now feel a bit dated.  Fortunately, Moebius' usual sound-tweaking and ability to just go with whatever was at hand keep it fresh.  As always, the little details are a joy to discover, like the occasional warped vocal samples - and is that a slide guitar in the opening track that makes me think of Harmonia's Walky-Talky?


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