Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Nurse With Wound - Salt Marie Celeste (2003)

One of the most outstanding dark ambient Nurse With Wound pieces, Salt Marie Celeste is like a supernatural, ghost-ship movie in sound, and deserves full attention in a dark room.  Its roots were in 'Salt', a piece Steven Stapleton had conceived as his contribution to the background of a showing of his (and David Tibet's) visual art, and in that form only consisted of the rising and falling drone.

Fleshed out with the gradual addition and subtraction of eerie rattling and ominous creaking sounds, and a forlorn, distant ship's horn, Salt Marie Celeste becomes a masterpiece of tension and atmosphere.  Perfectly descriptive of an abandoned (or is it?) sinking ship, at its end the piece is reduced back down to just the drone of the lapping waves that we're finally sinking beneath.  A masterfully executed, near-unrivaled highlight in the vast NWW catalogue.

Salt Marie Celeste


  1. Stapleton is vastly talented. He'd be great at film soundtracks. I'm a huge FAUST fan & the "Disconnected" album he collaborated with them on is one of their best post-90s efforts imo.

    1. I remember when Disconnected came out and it was like the equivalent of there being an album by 'Howlin Wolf & The Rolling Stones' or 'Chuck Berry & The Beatles'. Amazing collaboration; great record.

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  3. Great stuff. Thanks for sharing.