Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Labradford - Fixed::Context (2001)

Staying in a minimal mood here, but with skeletal reverbed guitar as the main feature instead of just pure electronics.  I picked up Fixed::Context on its release, possibly just from a review I'd read - I think I'd become fascinated by the Kranky label and wanted to take the plunge into this so-called 'post rock' universe.

What I got was an expansive, hushed landscape that could've been the soundtrack to Paris, Texas in outer space - twangy, soundtrack guitars pushed right up front, but made alien by a backdrop of ambient electronics.  Whether enveloping the guitars in a warm bath of Eno-esque sound on my favourite track David, or ending in a mood-shattering whine at the end of Twenty, this was a game-changing introduction to a sound world of electronic music and completely deconstructed rock music, and it became my most favourite new album for the next few years.  After investigating the other Labradford albums, I couldn't wait for the next one - and I'm still waiting 15 years later (apparently they've never officially split up!).

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  1. Great album, really transformational for me back in the day. Discovered Labradford at the same time I discovered Low, the first stirrings of awareness that slow and soft could be every bit as intense as fast and loud. You've probably heard For Carnation, but if not, it hits some of the same sweet spots as this, their self-titled album is a stone classic in my book.

    1. Thanks Bill, For Carnation are actually a new name to me, will investigate!

  2. I read a rumor on another music blog — don't recall which — that the relevant guys are going to record again as Labradford. Few other details, unfortunately.

  3. Seriously dig this album. Thanks, Had never heard these guys until now with this one. Absolutely fantastic band.