Monday, 20 June 2016

Moebius & Beerbohm - Double Cut (1984)

Often billed as 'Moebius goes proto-techno', this 1983 recording (released the following year) is so minimal on melody it makes Cluster's Curiosum sound positively symphonic by comparison - the focus is squarely on rhythm this time around.  Working for the second time with a close friend from Berlin, Gerd Beerbohm, Moebius laid down these four tracks with a no-fuss, propulsive energy that makes this one of his most satisfying albums.

Beerbohm never made any documented recordings again, and by all accounts went back to being a photographer.  But not before whacking out 22 minutes of the live electronic drum pattern that runs right through the title track, an act of sheer dedication and precision that puts him on a par with Bartos and Flür.  Over the top of this, Moebius plays in a virtually unchanging bassline and then gradually adds in little bloops and ghostly wisps of synth, making an ever-changing landscape that draws you in for the duration. An utterly essential milestone in German electronica.


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