Wednesday, 28 February 2018

Ghédalia Tazartès - Diasporas (1979)

As promised, here's Ghédalia Tazartès debut album, recorded in 1977 and released in '79, to complete my posting of his first four releases (see tag below for the others).  More will definitely come along in due course as I get hold of them, but for now, here's the record that introduced the world to a truly unique sound collage artist and vocalist.

Diasporas starts of with a 9-minute suite of shorter pieces, and was the perfect curtain-raiser for Tazartès' striking sound, with loop after loop of voice or instrument being introduced, sometimes dominating the stage or providing backing for Tazartès' own singing.  The shorter individual tracks that make up the rest of Diasporas continue on from there, with La Vie Et La Mort... showing off the range of his voice over some ritualistic percussion, and there's occasionally even a straightforward song -  Quasimodo Tango is a nicely odd collaboration with composer Michel Chion.

On the second half of the album, the vocal collages continue to go to fascinatingly weird places: the low drones of La Fin Du Prologue, the rhythmic craziness of Rien Qu'au Soleil, the sweetly melodic Mourir Un Peu with its loop of a child's voice... something for everyone.  Like all the Ghédalia Tazartès albums I've heard so far, every time you dive in there's something different to love.

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 P.S. time to spin that snowy day favourite of mine - this is currently the view from my front window:

For anyone who's ever read Ian Rankin's 'Let It Bleed', that lighted pathway in the distance is Coffin Lane aka Coffin Walk.

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