Friday, 9 February 2018

Steven Stapleton & Christoph Heemann - Painting With Priests (rec. 2009, rel. 2015)

If you enjoyed the Tibor Szemző post the other day, here's the album that made me discover Snapshot From The Island, due to the samples used by Mr NWW and Mr HNAS on this concert recording.  Performed in the Ancient Synagogue in Ivrea, Turin on 21st November 2009, this one-off collaborative gig saw these two old hands at disquieting soundscaping doing what they do best.

Dark ambient throbbing, jump-scare piano, sampled footsteps and other odd noises and voices - that's just the first few minutes, but you know what to expect from then on, notwithstanding the seemingly oddly placed, but effectively recast samples of Szemző.  Occasionally, those samples will provide a fleeting rhythmic drive, or some other noise will repeat into a rhythm of sorts, but otherwise this is formless dark ambience of the highest order by a couple of masters at conjuring up this sort of thing.  Headphones, dark room - you know the drill.
Alternate cover, used for LP edition


  1. Hi,
    Just to let You know, its not only two different cover artworks: one for cd and other for Lp but also two different mixs for each format. Its looks like You enjoy it :))) so I recommend You to find other version - its worthy and You can enjoy it twice.
    Thank You for your blog - bestness M.

    1. Cool, thanks. Must get back to regular vinyl use one of these days...

  2. Thanks for this. I love that vinyl sleeve art.