Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Sven Grünberg - OM (1988)

Top-notch 80s synth from Estonia today, with more than a hint of a Vangelis influence.  Sven Grünberg founded Mess, a progressive rock band, in 1974, before going solo in 1980.  This is his second album, and as with almost all Grünberg's music there's a strong conceptual focus on Tibetan Buddhism - he remains involved in an official capacity with Estonia's Buddhist Institute, so you know this is all coming from a place of sincerity rather than an affectation.

Musically, the synthesizers are digital but well utilised, suffusing the whole album with an eerie atmospheric feel and employing just occasional use of a sequencer or an unintrusive rhythm track.  The sound is fleshed out by other little bits of percussion and ethnic instrumentation - is that a koto on Peegeldused (Reflections) that brings China/Bladerunner to mind?  Anyhow, can't recommend this highly enough to anyone who likes Vangelis, and anyone who enjoys drifty, atmospheric synth should definitely give it a go.


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