Friday, 26 January 2018

Dubravko Detoni With Acezantez - s/t (2000 compilation, rec. 1975-77)

Ansambl Centra za nove tendencije Zagreb were an experimental chamber ensemble formed in 1970 by Croatian composer Dubravko Detoni.  This compilation centres around the sole LP they released together in 1977 - although a smattering of other Detoni releases/VA releases would feature performances with Acezantez, three of which fill out the CD.

The LP (see below) featured two 20-minute pieces, Kitsch Variations and Fable.  The former features the ensemble skronking, plonking and droning away nicely on piano, celesta, harpsichord (Detoni) plus glockenspiel, organ and a variety of wind, brass and string instruments.  I'm not clear on what the composed/improvised ratio was here, but Fable does offer a highly listenable organised chaos with plenty of atmospheric headroom and no-one going on for too long of getting in each other's way.  I'd take a guess then at some sort of basic guide score at least being followed.

Fable is even better, and the definite highlight here for me.  There's much more manipulation of the instruments going on, there's lots of vocal weirdness and odd tape samples in the mix, and the whole thing could definitely pass at a push for some great lost Nurse With Wound track (incidentally, that lettering on the CD cover is credited to one Steven Stapleton).

As mentioned, completing this collection are two tracks from a self-titled 1976 Detoni LP, Grafika VI and Group Gymnastics, and the disc opener Dokument 75 is from an LP called Muzički Biennale Zagreb 1975.  All are worth a listen, especially Grafika's distorted organ drones and Dokument's electronic stabs.  Wish there were a dozen more Acezantez releases - this is one of the most satisying CDs I've bought in ages.  Hugely recommended, if you like this sort of thing.
original LP cover, 1977 (tracks 2 & 3 on CD)


  1. You can buy this on bandcamp, which I recommend.


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  3. i see you're putting these up again on google drive now..almost as I write this! your persistence is much appreciated sir, as there seem to be some gems I have missed from the last year or so. Have been checking this blog out for the last few years and enjoying a lot of stuff from thank you!!!