Friday, 17 November 2017

Ghédalia Tazartès - Tazartès' Transports (1980)

Second album from Parisian outsider legend Ghédalia Tazartès, whose beautifully strange music I was first introduced to via - you guessed it - the Nurse With Wound list.  Recorded in 1977, and first released in 1980 on clear vinyl with no track titles, Tazartès' Transports on CD is split into 15 tracks with... no track titles.  So, one to just dive headfirst into for sure.
That LP cover isn't the only thing that brings Faust to mind for me - listening to these tracks, with each sudden jump-cut going off at a totally new tangent, is quite a Faust Tapes-esque experience.  The opening moments of the album throw up a couple more German reference points - a pretty Roedelius-like piano incongruously paired with a harsh, Tietchens-ish rhythm - before Tazartès speed-shifted voice replaces the piano, and we're plunged into his wonderfully weird sound world.  Chiming cathedral bells, electronic squiggles, more loops of different voices, a mournful wind instrument emerging from the embers of a noise onslaught - that's just track two.

Listing the many delights of the remaining 13 tracks would be a pointless exercise - just listen, enjoy and discover the many looped elements, found sounds and little snatches of actual music, and on repeat listens, hear something different every time - that's the enduring magic of Tazartès' music for me.  His singing is a constant joy in whatever form it takes - plaintive wailing, throaty droning, or rasping Dada-esque nonsense in one of his comic personae.  Don't miss the spoken word closing track, intoned in English - "All animals have a personality, a personality, a personality... I'm a dancer,  I'm a dancer, moving on a stage, moving on a stage...".  A memorably bizarre ending to a magnificent, absolutely essential record.
alternate CD cover


  1. Funny - I tend to take the exact opposite approach of "one to just dive headfirst into for sure" whenever the NWW list is mentioned. Tomayto, tomahto.

  2. I've been meaning to catch this guy for ages. This looks a great place to start! Thank you.

  3. Both the Zippy and Mega links go to the same page. And on Mega, after clicking download, nothing happens. So there are problems with both links.

    1. Durrr, my bad! Zippy link now up. Thanks for pointing out.
      Tested the Mega link and it works, but I realise Mega isn't the most compatible with some browsers, hence offering both options.

    2. thanks Alan. The Zippy link now works. But interestingly, the Mega worked for me on some of your other posts, but just not for this one. Oh well.

    3. Thanks from france ! Can you share more Ghédalia Tazartès albums please ?