Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Can - Soundtracks (1970)

R.I.P. Holger Czukay, 24 March 1938 - Sept 2017

Danke schoen, Holger, for all your great music; for a full life packed with phenomenal, metronomic bass playing, pioneering short wave radio and tape work, great production, inspired collaborations, and so much more.  Sorry that I spent the second half of the 90s thinking your surname was pronounced Kazooki - I'd just never heard anyone say it, and had much less access to information back then.  Speaking of which, I still remember the first ever webpage I searched for when my high school got its first internet-ready PC: nice to see it's still available 20 years later.

Folks, it's time to celebrate the music of yet another true pioneer who has sadly left us.  For starters, may I recommend turning up Mother Sky as loud as possible.  If you don't have access to it, grab it right here.


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  1. Hi Alan.
    Is news for me. Wonderful musician! The first Can I heard, the Canaxis record and his soloworks to name a few. Always interesting when Holger was involved. And this record was one of the best and one of the first I heard.

  2. Besides having a unique ability to understand how sounds become music, Holger had such an endearing "mad professor" persona that reminded me of the character "Doc" from the movie Back to the Future. He, Irmin and Jaki (the three elders of the band) always had such a fascinating dynamic...the mad scientist, the sardonic composer-keyboardist (a la Liszt or the Phantom of the Opera), and the soulful automaton who was rhythm personified. Seems that the world is slowly catching on to Can and that's a fantastic thing.

    1. Wonderful description Sean, completely agree!

  3. Don't feel bad, I heard DJs on the freeform station in the 90s in Chicago call him "Hold Yer Suitcase" for ages.