Friday, 24 March 2017

Tamia / Pierre Favre - De la nuit... le jour (1988)

Second collaboration, and first for ECM, between French avant-garde vocalist Tamia Valmont and Pierre Favre, a Swiss percussionist who already had a history with the label.  This gorgeous little record doesn't need too much of a description; simply six tracks of Favre's subtle wood and metal percussion, overlaid with Tamia's wordless, ululating voice.  Occasionally, as in the opening minutes of Maroua, her unique vocal tones are featured unaccompanied and overdubbed in layers, as they were in her first two (very hard-to-find) solo records. 

The overall effect I get from this is similar to some early Popol Vuh, in that it's like getting to eavesdrop on some lost ancient civilisation making ritual music of otherworldly beauty - not least in the long, shimmering tones (from both participants) in the stunning title track.

Wood Song
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