Wednesday, 29 March 2017

NorthSound Audio - Frog Talk (1990)

From the Canadian NorthSound Audio label that also brought you Loon Talk, here's the self-explanatory Frog Talk.  From the sleevenotes: "As the frogs begin their gentle night chanting, you may find yourself mesmerized by one of the most elemental of sounds."  I suppose in some ways, some of this might be relaxing, but it frequently sounds to my ears at least more like pretty abrasive electronic music gone haywire.  Which is not a bad thing, of course.  See what you think - whether the spring peepers, wood frogs, green frogs and pickerel frogs of this hour-long release enchant you or rile you, hopefully you may find this as inexplicably addictive as I do.

Pseudacris crucifer
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  1. Wish you'd go back to Zippy. Mega blows majorly.

    1. Thanks for the feedback.

      Zippy is fast & simple when it works, but it can be prone to a lot of malware sitting around on it... my reason for changing to Mega was that someone commented they were getting some pretty serious malware detected on a Zippy link.

      Might be your particular browser that doesn't get on with Mega very well? I've always found (even before opening my own Mega account) that the 'Download through browser' option was pretty universally compatible, but others may have issues with it too.

      Always open to any other ideas....apart from Mediafire, I've seen far too many music blogs decimated overnight when MF randomly decided to wipe all their links.

  2. I think the malware is very random. A lot of it is just down to knowing how to deal with, and being aware of imminent, popups, which sadly many people don't/aren't.

    So - never any problems with Zippy for me. But a few other relatively stable ones, in my experience, would be Depositfiles, Turbobit, Sendspace or DropJiffy. But I also have no idea what the uploading process is, or how it differs, on any of those. You do what you need to, I suppose.

  3. mega is great for me.......faster than most