Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Tomasz Stańko Quintet - Purple Sun (1973)

As mentioned previously, Tomasz Stańko is my favourite jazz trumpeter and simply one of my favourite musicians of all time.  From being at the vanguard of 60s Polish jazz with the tragically short-lived Krystof Komeda (I may post Astigmatic at some point) and linking up with kindred spirits like Edward Vesala in the mid 70s, to his mature, elegaic post-millenium output (DO NOT MISS Wisława!), the constant is always a singular player (and team player) and spare, lean writer.

Anyhow, for my first Stańko post I've gone for an earlier fusion era that only lasted for a couple of albums in the early 70s, but could easily hold its own with what was going on elsewhere in Europe or in the US.  Purple Sun was in fact recorded in Munich in March 1973, but retained a heavyweight Polish lineup (save for a top-notch Swiss bassist), of particular note being the legendary violinist Zbigniew Seifert who gives proceedings a slight Mahavishnu flavour in places.  Overall, though, this album is just a fantastic slice of post-Bitches Brew groove with the unique slant of being rooted in Eastern European free jazz.

Purple Sun


  1. Purple Sun still shines. Thank you. If you have not heard him, going by the other music you post, you may find Bill Dixon well worth a listen. msj

    1. Thanks for the tip. I see he's played with Tony Oxley quite a bit, which has caught my interest right away!

  2. I have heard this, but only once. I look forward to hearing it for a second time! Many thanks.


  3. hey... those posts on my blog, were sent tome by one of my visitors, as it often happens, the info files with the text as it was, i had no idea it came from your blog... actually now is the first time i have ever visited your blog, from which i intend to download a shitload of stuff... no harm was intended, i will give you the proper credit for what you wrote... you could have messaged me first before going medieval on my ass thou..
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  4. apologies and links added... also to my blogroll... again... no harm intended

  5. thanks for this...i love fish face. But i can't help wondering what the titles "cocx" "twet" and "unit" mean to him...