Wednesday, 17 October 2018

Georgy Dmitriev - Chamber and Electronic Music (2000 compilation)

Equal amounts fascinating and highly listenable stuff here from Georgy Dmtiriev (b. 1942, Krasnodar, Russia), in an hour-long compilation.  No recording dates here, but all the compositions date from the 80s.  The first piece is probably my personal favourite, a 19-minute saxophone quartet, In The Spirit Of Herman Hesse (1983).  Some almost jazz-like moments give way to more complex writing, at times microtonal, towards the end.

Warsaw Fantasy, for violin and piano, was written in 1983 in response to events in Poland that year.  This one is apparently a really good example of Dmitriev's enjoyment of stylistic allusions and 'music as dialogue' - among the subtle quotations I could definitely pick out a Chopin nocturne and a waltz.  The 'Nicolo' of the title of the other violin/piano piece is Paganini, on the 200th anniversary of his birth.

Stained Glass for oboe, clarinet, alto sax and bassoon (1981) was another one that really appealed to me in its instrumentation.  It's in two parts, a nicely languid one for monotone stained glass, and a more animated one for multicoloured glass.  In the latter, there's some of the staccato pulsing in similar style to early Xenakis, which was nice.  Speaking of Iannis, in 1990 Dmitriev paid him a visit in Paris following an invitation to try out the UPIC graphic-interface composing software that he'd developed.  The result was Adagio For UPIC which closes this collection in memorable style with its eerie swishes of sound.


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