Monday, 19 March 2018

Autechre - Oversteps (2010)

As much as I love Autechre for most of their albums being such a challenge just to sit through, this one is a personal favourite because it's probably their most accessible post-2000 album.  And it'll likely remain so, unless they decide to pull back on the whole four-hour albums of impenetrable circuit-frying niche that they're now so fully ensconced in.  But who would want that?  Anyway, from eight years ago this week (IIRC), here's Oversteps.

Opener Ress fades in gradually, to a looming, 22nd-century cityscape that eventually picks up a beat that seems at odds with the dark ambient overlay.  After that, we're into full-on Autechre with Ilanders - everything twisted out of shape, but if you listen closely there's a definite melodic progression just under the surface, and occasionally shining through.  Known (1) is more accessible again, like a cyborg JS Bach playing to post-human courtesans.

Thereafter, the track titles (with a couple of exceptions) descend into full-on fist on the keyboard gibberish, and the tracks continue to ping back and forth between dark, metallic constructions and bright, sparkling melodies - the gorgeous See On See being my personal favourite of the latter.  For all their early work now sometimes sounding a bit dated, and their latter-day epics sometimes getting too far out there even for me, Oversteps is probably the perfectly-balanced Autechre album.


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  1. Don't know this one but I'm a sucker for some of the later stuff so I'm looking forward to it. Autechre have such conviction that, once you've started, you just have to hear it all!

  2. I haven't listened to any Autechre for quite a while. That changes now. Many thanks.