Friday, 28 July 2017

Cybotron - Enter (1983)

Electro-rock classic from the first rays of techno's dawn.  Juan Atkins, one of the Detroit godfathers, recorded these tracks with collaborator Richard Davis; the latter favoured more of an arena-rock approach, which meant that this seminal duo wouldn't last, but here it just seems to work, widdly guitar solos and all.  For me the album tracks work best when at their most stripped back and minimal-electronic - Alleys Of Your Mind sounds like it could've been an early Mute single, not long after Warm Leatherette.  El Salvador is another favourite, as I'm a sucker for a good vocoder.

Contrary to my usual practice, bonus tracks (largely post-album singles, although Cosmic Cars appears to be virtually identical to the album version) have been kept in place here.  Quite simply, they're utterly essential, showing Atkins edging more and more toward his dream of a Parliament-Kraftwerk fission reaction that was about to explode into full-on Detroit techno.



  1. more eeeelectroooo pleez?!?!? thanxxx!!!

    1. don't really have any more straight-up electro at the moment to post (watch this space for the future though) - will work on getting more electronic music up, haven't done so for a while.

    2. If you want to be a true hero to the world, see if you can run down a copy of the Robotnick et al Fuzz Dance EP. Oddly hard to find out there in blogland.

    3. Hi Alan:

      I've been reading your blog for about a month now and am really enjoying it. Our musical tastes seem to be very similar. Anyway, I have a few more Cybotron albums (Colossus, their self-titled first album, and Sunday Night At The Total Theatre). Let me know if you need/are interested in any of these. Thanks again!

    4. I think those three were by the Australian Cybotron? Great too - and more experimental.