Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Arne Nordheim - Electric (1998 compi of works 1968-70)

A handy introduction to the electronic/concrete works by Norweigan composer Arne Nordheim (1931-2010), which were released across two LPs on the Philips label in 1969 and 1974.  The earlier album bore the advice that ‘this record should be played loud’ – and I highly recommend doing so, as all of these five works have so much going on, across a mind-boggling range of textures and dynamic levels. 

The intro to Pace (1970), for example, inspired by the UN Declaration of Human Rights, is anything but peaceful, and calls to mind Luigi Nono’s similarly unsettling work.  Much of Warszawa (1970), a diaristic sketchbook of Nordheim’s time there, is also prime ‘play loud’ material in its collision of cut-ups and electronic manipulation.

The last track on the CD, Colorazione (1968), for organ, percussion and ring-modulators, is probably the most subtle and engaging work.  Everything here is superbly produced, and rewards close and repeated listening.

Lux et Tenebrae


  1. Cheers! My cd copy of this got banjaxed long ago so happy to have it again. As I recall it's a quality listen.

  2. It's a great album. Have you heard 'Nordheim Transformed' Deathprod and Biosphere's homage, released on the same label? It's not bad at all.

    Excellent blog full of intriguing music.

    1. thanks, I'll need to give that a listen!

  3. so good! are you aware of this:

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