Monday, 4 July 2016

Maurizio Bianchi - Mectpyo/Blut (1980)

When I first got a taste for the noisier, more avant-garde end of the music-sharing blog world a few years back, mp3 rips of Maurizio Bianchi's tapes seemed like an almost never-ending excavation of decaying ferric oxide and xeroxed/handmade covers.  The grainy sound quality of the ageing cassettes seemed to sit perfectly with the aural contents - grinding, humming and squealing voids of tape loops and electronic noise that Bianchi described (in various obtuse, highbrow liner notes) as symbolic of social, industrial and human decay.

It was for this reason that I avoided picking up any CD reissues of MB's work for so long, wondering if cleaned-up sound might kill the mystique.  When this release was flagged up on my discogs a month ago, however, thought I may as well take a punt - Mectpyo-Blut was the first MB tape that I listened to (and the first he released after some initial experiments under the name Sacher-Pelz), and it's remained a favourite.

Glad to report that Mectpyo-Blut sounds superb on CD; it's still 90 minutes of sheer nihilistic sonic muck, but actually benefits from being given clarity.  Every sequence of tape looping, hand-spun LP samples and saturated electronics shows off Bianchi's skill in overlaying these sound clashes and also never staying in one place for too long, creating an ever-(d)evolving post-apocalyptic landscape to get lost in.  And the final crescendo into outright noise assault has to be heard to be believed.

Disc 1
Disc 2


  1. Oh, how the goose has taken the long and dreary path recently! Why so dark? Where be the sweet sunshine, the sparkling waters, the pastures of green?

    1. Always just right around the next corner!

      I consume music in just the same way as I consume film - it can be dramatic, comic, romantic, horrific - all equally valid.