Friday, 8 June 2018

Wayne Shorter feat. Milton Nascimento - Native Dancer (1975)

For Wayne Shorter's first solo album since the takeoff of Weather Report, it was perhaps inevitable that the great saxman would continue in a similar fusion groove - and Native Dancer is certainly that.  What lifts it into another dimension entirely though is that Shorter didn't just follow through on his desire to make a Brazilian-influenced album, he got Airto Moreira in on percussion and the gorgeous voice of Milton Nascimento up front and centre.

The result was a damn fine album that sounds almost as authentically Brazilian as it does mid-70s jazz fusion.  On the four non-Nascimento tracks, Shorter breezes through the grooves with Herbie Hancock acting as the perfect foil (and composer of closing track Joanna's Theme) on piano.  And with summer officially kicking off, copious amounts of Fender Rhodes are mandatory, at least in my ears - the main electric pianist here is another Brazilian, Wagner Tiso.

Brazilian music in general from the 60s onwards is another summer must-have in my book, as longtime readers will be aware (more in the coming weeks naturally), and the star of Native Dancer has to be Milton Nascimento - this album was my introduction to his unique, soaring voice.  The remaining five compositions on the album are Nascimento's, picking from the cream of his catalogue up til then.  Milagre Dos Peixes gets anglicized to Miracle Of The Fishes here (but still with the Portuguese lyrics) and gets a fine MPB-jazz fusion makeover, as do Ponta De Areia, Lilia and more.  From The Lonely Afternoons actually reminds me of late 80s Pat Metheny Group sans guitar solos.  Grab a caipirinha and download.



  1. Hello,
    I just found your blog when looking for some contemporary Romanian music. Very pleased to see your site. Found a couple albums that I had never heard (Avram and Dumitrescu in Japan), and others that I had lost in a hard drive failure.

    I was hoping you could re-upload this album (one that I lost):

    You may also be interested in this superb Romanian state site featuring lots of mp3s:

    You'll notice several composers you seem to already be familiar with--Marbe, Nemescu, Rotaru, and probably will discover a few more. I recommend the "Romanian Women Composers" 3-CD set, "Romanian Music Today" 2-CD set, the "Creatii simfonice romanesti" albums (Romanian Symphonic Works series), and the two albums of the 2005 and 2006 "Week for Contemporary Music."

    I am surprised there is not any Dumitrescu or Avram on this site, and makes me wonder if they ran into problems with the type of bureaucracy and politics that likely exist in such organizations.

    There's also this vinyl rip of contemporary Romanian music:
    and here (Ulpiu Vlad):

    Also, if the Romanian site isn't enough, you may be interested in the spectral Romanian composer, and ex-pat in France, Horatiu Radulescu. I didn't see him in your archives, but he seems up your alley. You can find several of his LPs (and one out of print CD) through the Avant Garde Project mirror on

    1. hi Mason, I've renewed the dl link for Kientzy à Cluj.

      Many thanks for the other links and info! I always appreciate stuff like that. Radulecsu is definitely on my radar; I wish someone would do a CD reissue of Clepsydra-Astray, I'd put it on this blog in a second (I found it on YouTube). Haven't checked out any AGP links for a while as a lot of them seemed to have been deleted, but will definitely follow up the ones you've quoted.

      cheers, Alan

  2. Thanks, been in a fusion mood myself lately. Been listening to Davis's Bitches Brew and some of the later Herbie Hancock. A nice list:

    1. Nice one, cheers. Gotta love a bit of BB - even tho I'm usually more of a Silent Wayer... Note to self, post more Miles.

  3. Thanks so much for this prompt reupload! I really loved this CD.
    There are both lossless and mp3 versions of Radulescu's Clepsydra and Astray at this link, sourced from vinyl--but an extremely clean transfer, like all the AGP stuff:
    All these AGP files are on stable servers--I think most the mirrors that went up elsewhere are dead.

    1. That's the rest of my weekend sorted then! Thanks again.