Friday, 26 May 2017

Tangerine Dream - Force Majeure (1979)

Here's some more Tangerine Dream, as I continue to take a voyage of rediscovery through their years on Virgin Records - and this is one of the most atypical albums they made.  Well, apart from the predecessor Cyclone of course, with its not-entirely-successful experiment in having a vocalist.  By September 1978, Steve Joliffe was gone, but drummer Klaus Krieger/Krüger was retained for this minor masterpiece of instrumental prog.

From the discordant intro onwards, Force Majeure is an album full of dramatics and forward momentum, and the title suite runs through its sections with grace and power, and an interesting neo-classical style of composition (particularly in the last five minutes) that saw TD move farther and farther away from free-floating improvisation.  Following this 18-minute masterpiece is the shortest track, Cloudburst Flight, a great guitar showcase for Edgar Froese (both acoustic and some of his most stinging electric lead work).

Lastly, the 14 minutes of Thru Metamorphic Rocks are essential TD as well, having the most in common with the sequencer-based electronic work they'd broken through with.  After a melodic four-minute intro, the sequencer quickly hits warp speed and doesn't let up - Chris Franke would remain justifiably proud of this as one of his favourite pieces the group ever made.

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  1. Hi Alan - I have only recently stumbled on to your blog. Many thanks for your fine posts. I appreciate your reviews of the recordings. They encourage me to listen to music that I would not normally seek out. My tastes are quite eclectic but i guess like most people i gravitate towards sounds that appeal & resonate with me.

    1. Thanks very much, great to hear from you!